About the Principles

George Lathrop

George discovered theater in College at Eastern Washington University.
  • Baccalaureate in Production Design, Stage Rigging, and Electrical Control Systems

  • 35 years Member of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees Local 93

  • 30 years (Founder) President of Silhouette Lights and Staging. Rental, Sales, Consulting and Production divisions working throughout the Inland Northwest.

  • Board of Directors for Fantasy Flight, 1st Night Spokane and Interplayers Theater

Richard Reid

First theatrical experience was at age 12 with a small community theater group in the Seattle area. At 14, he was invited to join an acting class and pay for it by working backstage at a professional theater in the Seattle Center.
  • Baccalaureate in Theatrical Design and Direction

  • 10 years as a freelance Lighting and Scenic Designer, Technical Director

  • 15 years in architectural lighting design with Galaxy Lighting, EJC Associates and Luminous Views

  • 1992 Involved in the first commercial use of computerized rendering with “Radiosity”

  • 2007 joined Silhouette Lights and Staging to provide formal consulting services.
  • Lighting Certified “LC” by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions. Covers a wide area of knowledge in architectural lighting.
  • Entertainment Electrician by Entertainment Technology Certification Program (ETCP) Recognized worldwide as the top level within the industry.