Consultation Service

Get your money's worth!

Stages and Event Centers have to be many things to many people. Sound, lights, rigging, sight lines, masking curtains all need to work together and have the flexibility to adapt to changing production needs. Construction and renovation will determine conditions for years and maybe decades to come. It is also when tremendous sums of money must be spent. Fixing problems later may cost more than will ever be available again, leaving great needs unmet every day. We work in theatres – we understand those needs. As consultants we have only your needs in mind, review all the issues and create solutions tailored to fit.

Most groups have some staff or other contacts that are in the entertainment industry and will ask them to guide the work. However, they are rarely fluent in all aspects of production and with the construction process. Do they even know when to call in experts beyond their skills? Consultants bring a level of expertise and professionalism that takes decades to build.

Manufacturer’s Representatives and Equipment Dealers often offer free advice. It is important to look closely at their recommendations. They usually don't see the whole picture. They can't recommend products outside of their lines. Sometimes it works out great for the end user and sometimes it works out better for the sale. LTS does not participate in the sale of products in any way, so our recommendations are free of outside influence.

Our intent is to give the end user products that are commensurate with their needs and level of sophistication. We specify products that are proven to perform and last. Affordable and Functional are elements of every design we do. The extra costs of our services is usually saved in better function and fewer problems.