Design Development

Stages are some of the most complex environments in any building. All live performance facilities have similar needs but the size and shape of the space requires unique solutions for each.

Our goal when working with a design team is to fill in details that make the stage functional. Much of what is needed is hidden from view and therefore poorly understood outside the industry. Even the simplest elementary school stage has multiple overlapping systems and needs.

Stage rigging involves tremendous weights that move creating high dynamic loads. We help structural engineers provide the right support in the right place.

Lighting systems require a concentrated power source and a well thought out distribution network. Theatrical controls systems have unique requirements. We help EE’s get the wire to the right place.

Curtains are not only decorative they mask the backstage and provide for entrance and exits. We put them in the right place.

Coordinated design reduces equipment and installation expense. RFIs, RFPs, and Change Orders are reduced saving more time and money. The end result is an effective performance space and a happy client.