About LTS


We know how a theater works.

The relationship between the audience and the stage; how scenery, lighting, rigging, sound and other systems combine to support the performance.

We know the construction process. How an architect and other designers of a building get their job done. We understand and contribute drawings and text from the Design Development phase through Bid Documents.

We constantly research:
  • Balancing price vs performance vs long term costs.
  • New technology, what works and what is unproven.
  • “Supply chain” issues, getting fair prices from dependable companies.
  • Trends in production for music, worship, meetings and plays.


Our principals each have worked for several decades in a wide range of theatrical endeavors. We have designed scenery and lighting, run consoles, rigged truss, and even did a little acting.

We have been involved in the construction or remodel of nearly every stage in the greater Spokane region and most of the larger ones in the Inland Northwest:

The Fox Theater, INB Performing Arts Center, Spokane Memorial Arena, Davenport Grand Hotel, Lincoln Event Center, Garland Alliance Church, Victory Faith Fellowship, Lifecenter Four Square Church, Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, North Idaho College, Spokane Community Colleges.

We have also worked on numerous K-12 schools along with many small community theaters, churches and related projects.

It’s been quite and experience.


Ask our clients about that.